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Somerset Passenger Solutions provide all the passenger transport requirements for the Hinkley Point C Project.


The Company was formed in 2016 in a joint venture between the First Group (South West) and JJP Holdings; specifically, to service the Hinkley Point C Project. The current contract is due to conclude in 2025 and it is planned that at its peak SPS will be transporting up to 8,000 passengers every day.

Modern Fleet

Our bespoke fleet of coaches are equipped with the latest technology to ensure passenger comfort. The technology also assists us in providing a punctual and reliable service.

Our Own Engineers

We have our own engineering team that work out of our state of the art vehicle maintenance unit. The VMU is fully-equipped with the latest tools and machinery to enable our engineers to provide 24/7 support to the fleet.

Park & Ride Facilities

For passengers who do not live near one of our many bus routes, we operate Park & Ride facilities across Somerset.

Bus Services Across Somerset

We provide transport for the HPC workforce in the local area and have services across Somerset.
We also have a daily service which runs from Bristol.


Our Services


Bus Services

We provide Bus Services for the entire Hinkley Point C Project. Our wide-range of routes cover areas such as Minehead, Weston-Super-Mare, Taunton & Bristol.


Our State-of-the-art 10 bay Vehicle maintenance facility is fully equipped with modern engineering equipment, offering 24/7 support to the transport operations.

Parking Management

Somerset Passenger Solutions are responsible for the management of the transport allocation system for the Hinkley Point C Project.

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