Our commitment to the local community

As a major transport operator in the region, we fully embrace our responsibilities and commitments to the local community and to the families who live within it.

We continually provide a huge number of employment pathways for the people of Somerset, offering excellent opportunities to learn new skills and develop existing experience. We have already created over 500 jobs within the region and expect to create hundreds more over the next few years in a variety of roles.

In 2021 we invested £1 million in cutting edge technology and developed the technical capability of our transport service, enabling us to create a group of highly-trained, skilled and motivated staff ready for the next step in their careers. We are committed to leaving a legacy in the local area by providing the skills necessary for the current and future to continue providing passenger transport solutions.

Working with Avon & Somerset Police

We are proud of our work with Avon and Somerset Police supporting them to identifying dangerous driving. Working with their Tactical Support Team, officers patrolled the local community in a double-decker bus provided by SPS to give them an elevated view of drivers inside vehicles. This approach is especially effective to identify drivers using mobile phones whilst at the wheel but also drivers who are distracted by mobile phones whilst driving. Our collaboration has enabled officers to identify, engage and prosecute drivers committing road traffic offences which ultimately lead to dangerous and inconsiderate driving. We are delighted we are able to play such a positive part in improving safety in our local community, helping to make the roads of Bridgwater and Somerset even safer for all.

Community Bus Service

We provide a community bus which runs from Bridgwater to Minehead, Monday to Friday. Please click here for the timetable on the EDF website. 

Our commitment to the environment

We recognise the need to reduce our carbon emissions, improve the fuel economy of vehicles and also support the local communities agendas to improve air quality.

SPS operates only Euro VI diesel powered engines which produce up to 8 times less Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions than Euro V vehicles. Operating vehicles to this standard ensures SPS positively impacts air quality in the towns and region within which we operate.

The safety of our staff, passengers and other road users is our top priority. Investment in technology, such as Webfleet telematics driver consoles, enables us to support our drivers to provide the best passenger journey. This is achieved through the analysis of data which assesses driving style and how this might be further enhanced. Using this technology directly improves the safety of our drivers and as a result the safety of our passengers and other road users.

This technology also enables us to improve vehicle performance and, with enhanced visibility of the data available, increase overall fleet efficiency. Notable improvements can be identified in mileage and mpg, plus the ability to identify abnormal fuel usage and therefore reduce carbon emissions.

Keeping safe during COVID-19

As with every organisation throughout the UK, we had to swiftly, and sometimes creatively respond to the impact of COVID-19.

We introduced over 60 different safety measures to ensure our colleagues could continue to work with confidence throughout the toughest rigours of the pandemic. All passenger carrying vehicles had physical polycarbonate segregation along with fully isolated driver cab screening. All of our vehicles are fully cleaned each day using products which are proven to eliminate trace COVID-19. 

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

We welcome applications from a diverse range of candidates regardless of background, gender, race, religious beliefs, disability, sexual orientation or age.

"We pledge to ensure that everyone who works at SPS is able to come to work and feel they can be themselves. When we can achieve this through a better understanding and acceptance of each other, supporting each other and valuing the contributions we can each make, there is just no end to what we can accomplish together."

Bex Sinclair , HR Director