Recruitment Assistant Courtney Cook in BBC documentary

Hinkley Point C women the focus of BBC documentary

Four members of the Hinkley Point C workforce, including our own Courtney Cook were be the focus of a new BBC documentary on Friday 28 October 2022. The “We are England” production team visited our Junction 24 depot and the Hinkley Point C Site in the Spring, to film an episode called “The Women Building Nuclear”. It follows four team members as they go about their jobs on Site. 

The programme follows SPS Recruitment Assistant Courtney Cook. At the time of filming Courtney was in the final stages of completing her two-year Business Administration Apprenticeship at SPS and is working on a project to update and improve our driver welfare areas. Courtney is now an instrumental part of our Recruitment Team and is a fantastic example of our successful apprenticeship programme.

We also hear the story of Steel Fixer Stacey Sowden, who joined the project as an apprentice two years ago. Every day, her job involves working with the huge, prefabricated steel bars, tying them together into the colossal frames that end up in Unit 1.

The programme also follows Trainee Reactor Operator, Janaan Hussain. When fully qualified she’ll be responsible for operating the reactor, a technically complex role that carries with it huge responsibility. Janaan’s first job in the nuclear industry saw her as one of only 3 women among a workforce of 200, but she believes the industry target of 40% women feels possible at Hinkley Point C.

Catch Courtney, Stacey, Janaan and the other team members on BBC iPlayer here. You can also see a clip below.

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