Half Marathon Success for Somerset Passenger Sprinters

A team of 14 colleagues from across the business took part in the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday 1 October to raise money for the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.

Each day, the charity is summoned to attend medical emergencies where their swift response and specialised equipment can make all the difference. They can reach even the most remote locations within minutes, granting patients the best possible chance at survival and recovery. 

A huger well done to Gethyn Joyce, Simon Mohammad, Chris Ball, Jess Ingram, Sam Budd, Stephen Hill, Jenny Macleod, Nick French, Chris Davis, Liam Groves, Isabel Matthews, Steven Howe, Daniel Farkas and Attila Kovacs who all completed the Marathon, some for the first time.

Together they smashed through their original £1,000 target which now stands at £2,431 with funds still coming in.

We were delighted to raise this amount for our chosen annual charity knowing that they rely entirely on the generosity of donations to sustain their life-saving operations.

Click here to view their fundraising page.

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