Keeping safe on the roads as the seasons change

Driving during winter can be challenging and sometimes a little scary having to deal with more hours of darkness, snow, ice and strong winds. These conditions can be difficult even for experienced drivers.

Check out our top tips and advice below for winter driving!

  • Not everyone will be wearing bright clothing
  • Pedestrians may be hooded or shielding from the weather, not looking properly when they step out on to the road
  • Bright headlights may be dazzling at night
  • Keep your distance
  • Your stopping distance on snow and ice increases significantly from what it usually is
  • Drive in a higher gear in snow and ice
  • Know how to use your lights and heat systems to ensure you avoid mist building up
  • Check your tyres. Your grip will be seriously reduced in the winter, so ensuring your tyres are in good condition is essential.
  • Black ice is invisible on the roads, but potentially deadly. Take it slow and if you do end up hitting some black ice keep both hands on the wheel and avoid braking. You should also try to steer into the skid – this should help get you straight and back on track
  • Keep your tank topped up to at least halfway so you’re not left out in the cold if you run out
  • Carry a breakdown kit including a blanket,  torch, fully charged phone, water and non-perishable snacks

We hope you have found these tips helpful.  If you have any questions please do get in touch at