Parking Management


Somerset Passenger Solutions are responsible for the management of the transport allocation system for the entire Hinkley Point C Project.

As part of the project commitments to the surrounding communities, there are no parking spaces for staff at Hinkley Point C. This is to minimise the volume of traffic travelling on the roads towards Hinkley Point; instead, there are Park & Ride facilities across Somerset where passengers can board regular services to travel to site.


Somerset Passenger Solutions process transport allocations for each inductee and allocate them to the most relevant Park & Ride or Bus service.


Our Parking Team also monitor Fly Parking in the surrounding towns and villages.
The team have an app which is used to check if vehicles are linked to the project, if they are, the owners are contacted an encouraged not to park on local roads which they do not live on.


Our team are encouraged to engage with the public and build positive relationships in the local communities.

Excellent Customer Service

Our Car Park team provide excellent customer service to passengers at all Park & Ride locations with a meet and greet service. The team also work closely with security and perform vehicle scans to ensure that only valid permit holders are able to enter the Park & Ride facilities.