Somerset Passenger Solutions to be UK’s first transport company to incorporate passenger counting software on coach fleet

A state of the art passenger counting system is being installed on our fleet of vehicles used to transport all workers to Hinkley Point C, thanks to an innovative partnership with  Exeros Technologies.

At Somerset Passenger Solutions we are responsible for the transportation of all employees every day to Hinkley Point C, one of Europe’s biggest construction sites. As the project continues to grow, we are looking to invest and upgrade our transport service which is expected to increase in size over the next year.

Providing real fleet optimization, this new cutting-edge advanced passenger counting (APC) system offers reliable and accurate data to determine optimum vehicle scheduling based on passenger load.  With very high levels of data accuracy, the solution accurately monitors passenger boarding and disembarking locations and times. The technology will enable us to process and analyse both historical and real-time data, allowing us to optimise vehicle frequency and routes and adjust vehicle capacity in a timely manner based on demands.

Darren Eaton, Commercial Director at SPS said, “We are delighted to have partnered with Exeros to bring this new technology to SPS. Our fleet of vehicles are responsible for all passenger journeys to and from Hinkley Point, working around the clock to ensure that construction remains on schedule. As the Hinkley Point project and our fleet continues to grow, this new upgrade to our valuable transport service will enable us to optimise service frequency and adjust vehicle capacity in a very timely manner based on passenger demand”.

Jay Biring, CTO at Exeros said, “We are thrilled to finally launch this sophisticated technology to the Bus market. Unlike previous tech, this high-precision solution relies on innovative 3D sensor technology to accurately map a person getting on or off”. 

Andrew Wagstaff, Passenger Transport Service Manager at HPC said, “The Hinkley Point C construction project is constantly striving to increase the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our passenger transport service, the primary means by which our workforce travels to site.  By utilising the data made available by Exeros passenger counting technology it is anticipated that further refinement of our routes and schedules will lead to an even more efficient and passenger focussed service being provided to our broad customer base”.

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