SPS are proud to support Road Safety Week

This week is Road Safety Week, part of the national road safety campaign.

Every death and serious injury on the road is a preventable tragedy and yet, on average, five people die every day on the road in the UK and countless more are seriously injured.

We all have a responsibility to use roads safely to protect ourselves and others. This means ensuring our vehicles are safe, complying with road rules, travelling at speeds appropriate for the road conditions and always being aware of safe road use.

Throughout this week we are providing a host of  activities, webinars and workshop for our colleagues,  to promote safe driving behaviours.  We will also be delivering workshops with Devon & Somerset Fire Service and carrying out activities at HPC. 

Here at Somerset Passenger Solutions the safety of our colleagues, passengers and all road users is a top priority. We want to encourage everyone to be a #roadsafetyhero and help keep everyone safe.


For further information on Road Safety Week, please click here.