SPS colleagues score big for charity in workplace football match

Colleagues from across Somerset Passenger Solutions came together on 13th July at the second SPS Charity Football match in aid of Macmillan.

Two teams of colleagues went head-to-head in the SPS Spartans versus SPS Warriors  match, which was held at Sedgemoor Campus in Bridgwater.

Colleagues from departments across the organisation attended to cheer on their fellow staff members. They enjoyed a fantastic spread of delicious cakes baked by SPS Driver Kate Turner and drinks kindly donated by HOST, which raised additional donations for this worthy charity.

After a tough match with impressive displays from some talented team members, the final score was 9-1 to SPS Spartans.

Thanks to the generosity and support of SPS staff, just under £500 was raised with donations still coming in. This will all go to Macmillan Cancer Care, a charity close to many colleagues at SPS. 

Event organiser, Billy Davies said:

Everyone involved in the event had a great time and we are all looking forward to the rematch later this year, where we can raise additional funds for the charity. I hope what we have raised so far will make a difference to the lives of those affected by Cancer”.

A full match report can be found below.

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Full match report

So, the day had finally come. The much-anticipated SPS Charity Football Match between the Spartans and the Warriors.

The buildup kicked off last week with a high energy player draw for who would be making up the teams for the big day. Hosted by the highly professional team of William Davies and Emma Warr, with the main draw being conducted by Louise Atkins.

From the offset, it was clear it was going to be a tough day ‘at the office’ for the Warriors team. With the Spartans being peppered with a highly drilled and experienced team of players for the Big Match. That said… the moral of the Warriors remained high and the hope for a giant killing was on the agenda for the team…..

Match Day:  10am KO / Venue: Sedgemoor Campus

First Half Overview

The game kicked off at an anticipated high pace from both teams. With the near 25 supporters cheering on every touch and tackle from the sideline.

It was evident from the kickoff it was going to be a tough 80 mins for the Warriors, with Spartans overrunning the midfield and providing countless opportunities for their front 9 players. If it wasn’t for some below par finishing and stout defending the game could have been done and dusted in the first 10 mins.

Its important to note at this point, the official that was booked to run the game and provide some much-needed discipline did not turn up and the deed fell to a Spartans substitute…. take from that what you will…..

At 17ish minutes, the goals started to flow, one way! The pressure that was being applied by the Spartans finally led to a goal and from there the flood gates opened. Culminating in a near impossible fight back position of 5-0 half time. Just to note… If VAR was in place, it would have just been the 1-0 (4 goals clearly offside)

That said, the Warriors displayed some inspiring football at times and should have been awarded with at least 1 goal for their efforts, but it was not to be, and the half time whistle went. (3 mins early)

Second Half Overview

After some harsh but fair half time words from the Warriors captaincy team and a much-needed recognised goalkeeper in the net for the Warriors, the 2nd half got underway.

The high energy and pressing game that was evident in the first half had gone, along with the biased Spartans referee.  

The game became a frantic end to end affair with chances being created from both teams. (Note, this is due to fitness levels not being what they were for most of the players not the quality of football being seen improving)

Warriors began to find their way back into the game with some neat ‘long ball to the big man’ football being incorporated. But the goal that alluded them in the first half just would not come. Instead, Spartans began to stamp their dominance on the game once again and it wasn’t long before the first goal of the 2nd half was seen. The near impossible comeback for the Warriors was now becoming absolutely no way on this earth comeback, even if they had Haaland and half the Man City team playing for them.

6 soon became 7.. then from nowhere it happened. A quick break down the right seen the warriors enter the Spartans 18-yard box for the 3rd time in the match and a bit of quick interplay seen the ball hit the back of the Spartans net, followed by an impromptu strip show from the Warriors striker.  

7-1. 20 mins to go. Surely the comeback couldn’t happen, could it?

The answer is no. It couldn’t. 7-1 soon became 9-1 and the end of the suffering for the Warriors was in sight. The sideline by now was strewn with injured parties and hundreds off empty water/red bull/monster containers helping the players get through the 80 mins of high class football.

The final whistle blew, and the game ended. The shaking of hands commenced along with the heart felt commiserations for the losing Warriors team.

Spartans began their wild celebrations along with a dodgy rendition of “We are the Champions”.

In summary, a great morning was had by all in aid of a great charity. A big thankyou to all who made this happen, and we look forward to next time.