Our Staff

Jon Gridley

Duty Manager

When did you join SPS?

I joined SPS in September 2018

Tell us about your time as a Driver

I joined SPS as an experienced Driver having been in the industry for 15 Years, SPS still gave me the same in depth training as any other new employee.

Tell us about your current role

I am a Duty Manager and oversee the day to day operation. A large part of my role is staff management and a point of contact for our driving and support staff. As part of a team with our supervisors, we work towards the goal of delivering a world leading service for our client in a safe and efficient manner

How have SPS supported you in your career journey?

SPS is unique in the industry that it provides many opportunities for those that wish to progress their careers in the industry. Throughout my progression SPS has provided me with both on and off the job learning and support to aid me in accomplishing my role

What do you like best about working at SPS

I like that SPS is a modern company operating with modern values promoting a multicultural inclusive working environment where everyone can feel welcome and be part of the SPS family.