Our Staff

Mark Halleron


When did you join SPS?

I joined the SPS family in August 2021 as a trainee driver and since then have gained training to the highest standard! All thanks to SPS. I now drive all modes of passenger transportation for the company and enjoy every minute of it.

How have SPS supported you in your career journey?

I became fully trained within a matter of weeks, under the SPS training team who were a pleasure to work with. Since then, SPS have given me a range of advancement and enrichment opportunities. The working hours are very adaptable to your needs and the pension and insurance for SPS is the best I have known from a company. I have suffered bereavements whilst at SPS and the whole company really do hold your health and wellbeing of the highest value.

What do you like best about working at SPS?

The benefits speak for themselves, and the bus and rail benefits are greatly appreciated. In my spare time I have travelled the country! For such a large company you really do feel like you’re part of truly making the difference and I am proud to be part of the innovative SPS family

I can honestly say there is nothing bad about this job. It really is the best job I have ever had. From my colleagues, welfare team and management, SPS are a pleasure to work for and it has been one of the greatest decisions I have made for my health and wealth!